Guiyang Municipal Government Research Symposium Held At Guiyang Free Trade Zone
Pubdate:2017-03-25 13:44:00

On March 24, 2017, Guiyangmunicipal government vice mayor Wang Yuxiang, the municipal government deputy secretary-general Zhang Xueli, and head of the municipal government financial office, Guiyang Crowdfunding Finance Exchange, the management committee of internet financial zone, ZY Crowdfunding Industrial Park etc. come to Guiyang Free Trade Zone to participate in the symposium.

Vice mayor Wang Yuxiang said “Guiyang Free Trade Zone, with financial innovation as the main development pattern, is the "bridgehead" of opening to the outside world, and the“new engine” to accelerate economic development. Cadres in Guiyang Free Trade Zone need to "bone up” new knowledge, especially in-depth studyfocusing on business innovation and financial innovation. Each business department can choose a corresponding topic to learn thoroughly and put into practice.”


    Then, different departments of Guiyang Free Trade Zone reported on the work of 2016, the analysis of the status quo, and the next step work plan focusing around the effort Guiyang Free Trade Zone made in promoting innovative development. Afterwards, secretary Zeng Wenping of Guiyang Free Trade Zonemade a comprehensive report.



Then, the municipal government financial office director Luo Jialing gave her suggestions on the infrastructure construction outside the Guiyang Free Trade Zone, attracting investment using financial means in the zone, and operation of Guiyang Free Trade Zone Investment company. Liu Wenxian from Guiyang Crowdfunding Finance Exchange, and Wang Hengzhuang from Guishan Funds also shared their views.



CEO of ZY Crowdfunding Industrial Park Li Zizheng made a comprehensive introduction to theinternational cross-border financial services, which aim to construct an integrated cross-border financial service system including cross-border funds, cross-border payments and cross-border equity. ZY has signed a strategic agreement withHengqin credit assets.



Finally, vice mayor Wang Yuxiang made a summary that Guiyang Free Trade Zone should properly handle the following relations in the future:

1. The relationship between Guiyang Free Trade Zone as functional zone and administrative zone;

2. The relationship between the crisis/challenges and opportunities;

3. The relationship between the connotation development and denotation expansion;

4. The relationship between within the zone and outside the zone;

5. The relationship between industry and trade;

6. The relationship between finance and banking; 

7. The relationship between come in and go out;

8. The relationship between business development and the party's construction, etc.

At the same time, vice mayor Wang Yuxiang encouraged Guiyang Free Trade Zone to strengthen research on the new policy, and formulate corresponding policies based on its own situation to let policy come into effect; vice mayor Wang Yuxiang also required Guiyang Free Trade Zone to speed up the step to   familiar with the new industry, and accelerate the development of Guiyang Free Trade Zone by aiming at the international and domestic industry forefront dynamic and connecting it with Guiyang. Guiyang Free Trade Zone should play a more active role as functional zone rather than administrative zone, and carefully plan its future differentiated development road at the forefront of the city.