ZY Crowdfunding Industrial Park Attended Blockchain Fintech Summit in San Francisco
Pubdate:2017-01-08 12:00:00

On January 7-11, 2017, a blockchain delegation headed by Vice Mayor of Guiyang Wang Yuxiang, accompanied by CEO of ZY Crowdfunding Industrial Park Li Zizheng, was invited to attend a series of activities in America including North American Blockchain Fintech Summit, which was an international cooperation and exchange of Guiyang that focusing on the development and application of blockchain since the release of the Development and Application of Blockchain in Guiyang White Paper on December 31 2016. 

2017 North American Blockchain Fintech Summitis an international summit with significant influence initiated by North American Blockchain Association (NABA), and held in Santa Clara of American Silicon Valley in order to promote the communication and cooperation of blockchain in China and North American and push forward the innovative development of global blockchain. More than 600 people including global blockchain R&D specialists, investors, entrepreneurs have attended the summit, among which there are Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and Capital Managing Partner Brock Pierce, Hyperledger's Executive Director Brian Behlendorf, Head of Global Business Development for ConsenSys Andrew Keys, Integration Architect of IBM Client Center Jennifer Foley, Microsoft's Director Wendy Spies, etc. Companies including Guiyang Crowdfunding Finance Exchange, ZY Crowdfunding Industrial Park, G Treasure Fund Management Company, National Internet Finance Association of China have also participated in the summit.  

On the summit, the attendees made an in-depth and detailed discussion on blockchain through rich activities such as keynote speech, round-table conference, dialogue and startup roadshow, etc., not only covering the theoretical basis and algorithm of blockchain, but also presenting how blockchain ecosystem promotes innovation, for example 3D printing with blockchain, and forecasting how blockchain will reshape the economy and society in the future.             

During the visit, Vice Mayor Wang Yuxiang made a comprehensive and detailed introduction to the Development and Application of Blockchain in Guiyang White Paper just released, including the development basis, overall thinking, application scenario and support system, with an emphasis on“sovereign blockchain”, “rope-net structure”, “TAF modeling”, which brought about great interest and keen response among the attendees. The attendees reckoned that the white paper was an important theoretical innovation on the development of blockchain, showing the overall design and thought of the application of blockchain in the fields including government and business affairs as well as people's livelihood, and as an invitation letter of Guiyang to people around the world working in the field of blockchain. In the opinion of CEO of ZY Crowdfunding Industrial Park Li Zizheng, Guiyang is now standing on a new starting line and committed to build global block data city, global sovereign blockchain highland and global big data blockchain finance center. ZY, as a fintech enterprise, will take an active part in advancing the development of digital currency and promoting the extensive use of blockchain.    


On the Los Angeles-Guiyang Blockchain Seminar and Reciprocal Banquet held on January 9, Vice Mayor Wang Yuxiang delivered a warm speech on behalf of the Guiyang government, and sincerely invited other attendees to participate in the Guiyang Big Data Expo 2017, to visit and invest in the beautiful Guiyang, and to swim freely in the new blue ocean of big data and blockchain and create a new world of big data and blockchain. Other attendees also shared their views on the role of blockchain’s distributed storage and irreversibility played in the field of bank, security and insurance, on the development of blockchain and financial underlying technology, on the application of blockchain in cultural creativity, and reached a consensus on the blockchain cooperation in the field of finance, technology, and cultural creativity between China and the United States.                     

Dozens of media have covered the summit, such as US News Express, Associated Press, Phoenix Satellite Television, GETV, Global Times and so on.