ZY Facilitates China-UK Crowdfunding Cross-border Fund Settling Down in Guiyang Bonded Zone
Pubdate:2016-11-03 11:30:00

On November 2, 2016, the launch ceremony of China-UK Crowdfunding Cross-border Fund and Industrial Park is held in Guiyang, which signifies the official settlement of China-UK Crowdfunding Cross-border Fund and Industrial Park in Guiyang Bonded Zone. 

The comprehensive bonded zone in Guiyang, as a financial service park focusing on building cross-border finance, has built financial cooperation with tens of countries including the United States, UK and Israel, and accumulated rich experience in building and operating cross-border industrial park

UK boasts leading advantage in the field of big data and finance. China and UK has always been committed to deepen strategic partnership and enhance mutual understanding and trust, based on their extensive cooperation in such areas as trade, investment, finance, and security. Enterprises represented by ZY proactively strengthen their cooperation with related parties in UK through a series of communication and mutual visits to push the exchange and cooperation between Guiyang and cities, enterprises, research institutions in UK in such industries as big data, tourism and culture. On this basis, Guiyang and Liverpool jointly established “China-UK Crowdfunding Cross-border Fund” with ZY as its implementer. 

On the launch ceremony, Guiyang Bonded Zone and ZY signed framework agreement for cooperationwith RMB 100 million crowdfunding in the beginning to support high-tech projects. Vice mayor of Guiyang Wang Yuxiang said this movement will greatly push forward the cooperation between China and UK in big data finance, high-tech industries, and promote the internationalization of big data finance in Guiyang to realize the high-end matching of big data finance and big data enterprises between Guiyang and UK.  

Mr. Stephen Agnew, Deputy Consul-General of British Consulate-General Chongqing, said the establishment of China-UK Crowdfunding Cross-border Fund and Industrial Park is conductive to provide diversified services through crowdfunding for China and UK, and therefore help them better “go out” and benefit both sides.

At the meantime, ZY has signed investment cooperation agreement with vodus、enxray、choiceteleradiology in UK to introduce high-tech projects to settle down China-UK Cross-border Crowdfunding Industry Par


Vice mayor of Guiyang Wang Yuxiang, Former Attorney General Neil Davidson, Deputy Consul-General of British Consulate-General Chongqing Stephen Agnew, and Vice Mayor of Liverpool Garry Millar have attended the ceremony.