crowdfunding trading centre
ZY Crowdfunding Industrial Park

Founded in 2015 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, ZY Crowdfunding Industrial Park (ZY) is a comprehensive service park that combines science and finance with fintech trading centre as its core. 


ZY fully embodies the characteristics of “Innovative Finance” and remains committed to become the enterprise accelerator platform with “fintech trading centre plus hi-tech achievement transfer” as its core business model and the globalized innovation base that combines science and finance. By closely focusing on the development demands of real economy and integrating resources from high-tech enterprises, innovative finance institutions and service-oriented institutions, ZY is dedicated to establish a fintech complex and provide high-tech enterprises with complete financial solutions through the construction and operation of the fintech industrial chain. ZY also endeavors to become the builder and operator of financial complex for local governments and improve regional financial service, promote financial reform and innovation, and boost transformation and upgrading of the real economy.


So far, ZY has reached investment agreement with five local governments including Harbin, Qingdao and Guiyang in China; ZY has established cooperation on financial business with government agencies, social organizations, financial companies, crowdfunding associations, science and technology platforms of more than 10 countries and regions such as UK, the United States, Israel and Australia; ZY has also provided services related to financial asset investment for over 50 enterprises at home and abroad.


Our Background

In June 2015, the State Council published its opinion in Guo Fa [2015] No.32 document on vigorously promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation. The documents suggests to optimize capital market, supports qualified startup business to get listed or issue bonds to finance and encourages starup business to finance via bond market.

In September 2015, the State Council published its opinion in Guo Fa [2015] No.32 document on accelerating the establishment of platforms that supports mass entrepreneurship and innovation. It promotes the procedure of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” and “internet plus”and the development of new mode of crowd innovation, crowdsourcing, crowd support and crowdfunding.

significance of establishment

The final vision and mission of ZY Crowdfunding industrial park is to create a financial capital, technology and the integration of industrial value chain, and become the only version of the congregation to raise China technology trading center, as well as the unique comprehensive service base of "technology +crowdfunding + finance+innovation" converging global power, towards the world, serveglobally, to create a new era for crowdfunding trade!