Industrial Platform
Gather global strength to create a unique base combined with "Science + Crowdfunding + Finance + Innovation"
ZY Crowdfunding Industrial Park
emerging at a historical right moment, ZY Crowdfunding Industrial Park was established in Guiyang, Guizhou Province in 2015, and has became the first industrial park and accelerator that gathers talents, emphasizes "innovative finance" and makes "Fintech+High-tech"as its core business mode.
Financial Platform
Featured as China's first innovative financial platform with fintech crowdfunding trading center at its core
ZY Crowdfunding Industrial Park
ZY Crowdfunding Industrial Park is a comprehensive service park that combines science and finance, makes fintech trading centre plus hi-tech achievement transfer as its core business model. By building and operating fintech industrial chain as well as integrating resources from high-tech enterprises, innovative finance institutions and service-oriented institutions, ZY endeavors to establish a fintech complex. ZY is not only dedicated to providing a complete finance solution for technology enterprises but also the builder and operator of financial complex for local governments.